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Compiling Your eBook


Compiling Your eBook

When you've finished editing your eBook and selecting your options, your next step will be to compress your files into the EXE eBook format. This procedure is better known as compiling your eBook.

You can compile your eBook in one of two ways:

  1. Click on the 'Compile' icon on the toolbar.
  2. Go to 'Project' - 'Compile' on the toolbar.

A 'Confirm' window will appear displaying all of the options you have selected for your eBook. Read through the options to ensure the settings are correct. If you need to make some changes, click on 'No.' If you're ready to compile your eBook, click on 'Yes.'

Compiling Your eBook with the Demo Version

If you have created your ebook with the demo version of the eBook Starter software, although you will be able to compile your ebook, please note that your ebook will only be viewable on your computer.

However, when you purchase the software, you can simply open your project in the registered version and re-compile your ebook.

Editing and Re-compiling

When you have completed your eBook and have uploaded it to your web server, if you would like to make any changes, you will need to open your project within the eBook Starter software, edit the files, re-compile and upload the updated file to your server.

Locating Your Newly Compiled eBook

When you compile your eBook, the software compresses all of your eBook files into one EXE file. This is the only file you will need to distribute. You will find your eBook EXE file wherever you saved your eBook project.

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